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Equation Maker allows you to typeset equations using LaTeX syntax. You can drag and drop the equations into almost any Mac application (including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Microsoft Word).
Equation Maker Overview
Basic LaTeX
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Equation Maker Overview

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Equation Maker Interface

Equation Maker Main Window

Typesetting equations

Enter your LaTeX equation code into the Editor. As you type, your equation will render in the Equation View. Matching brackets are highlighted to aid in editing. To save your equations, click the Save button in the toolbar. You can select a saved equation in the Saved Equations table.

The Palette

Equation Maker Palette
To view the palette, click the Palette button in the toolbar. The palette helps in recalling the LaTeX commands for common math elements, including math expressions, symbols, greek letters, character decorations and arrows. Click a button in the palette to insert the corresponding command in the Editor.

Changing Equation Color

Select the Color button in the toolbar to change the color of the equation.


You can zoom the Equation View in and out using the slider on the toolbar.

Exporting Equations

To export an equation for use in another application, drag it from the Equation View and drop it into the application. To save as a file, drag and drop it onto the desktop or in a Finder window or select File->Export from the menu. You can export it as either a PDF or PNG. Choose the format using the Export Format popup button on the toolbar. Note that PDF exports a higher resolution image. Exporting to PNG is useful when PDF is not supported (for example, for inclusion on a webpage).

Saving Equations

Saved Equations
Save an equation by clicking the Save button in the toolbar. This will add the equation to the Saved Equations table on the left side of the application's main window. You can reuse the equation later by selecting it in the table. Use the delete button to delete it from the Saved Equations table. Undo/redo (see Edit menu or Command-Z) is supported.